How long after filling my pool can we swim?
This depends on what type of pool plaster finish you choose.
But, rule of thumb is after the pool is clean and the water is chemically balanced.

How long should I run my pool pump each day ? 
Most pool filter systems are sized to circulate and filter the water twice in a 8 hour period. 
We recommend that you run your pool pump a minimum of 8 hours in the summer. 

Should I run my pool pump during the day or night ? 
The sun draws chemicals from the pool so most experts agree you should run your pool pump during the hottest time of the day. 
How do I figure out how my pool’s water capacity?
Here are some formulas for estimating total gallons and pool capacity.

Rectangular or Square Pools:
Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5
(Example): 20 x 40 x Pool with an average depth of 5 feet
20 x 40 x 5 x 7.5 = 30,000 gallons

Round Pools:
Diameter of Pool x the diameter of the pool x Average Depth x 5.9.
(Example): 20' round pool, average depth 4'
20 x 20 x 4 x 5.9' = 9,440 gallons

Oval Pools:
Length x Width x Average Depth x 5.9

Free Form Pools:
If possible, divide pool shape into combinations of the above configurations and add together for total gallons. 
If this is impractical, calculate as nearly as possible the square footage of surface area of the pool, multiply this by the average depth and multiply this total by 7.5, the number of gallons in each cubic foot. 
If the pool has sloping sides, multiply total gallons computed by 0.85. In many instances, the pool contractor can provide the capacity of your pool.